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BenchCouncil: International Open Benchmark Council


BenchCouncil Challenges

BenchCouncil organizes a series of international AI challenges. The topics for all challenge tracks are derived from AIBench (Technical Report, Bench18).

2019 Challenges

2019 Challenge Awards: 500,000 CNY in total
Special Award (Only one): 100,000 CNY
The First Prize: 30,000 CNY (one for every competition track)
The Second Prize: 20,000 CNY (two for every competition track)
The Third Prize: 10,000 CNY (three for every competition track)

For more information, please visit the discussion group hosted on Xinxiu---a dedicated science and education communication tool. You need register via your email.

This year, joint with Cambricon, China RISC-V alliance, Sugon, and Intellifusion, BenchCouncil organizes four challenge tracks, including 3 system tracks and 1 algorithm track (

  • International AI System Challenge based on RISC-V
  • International AI System Challenge based on Cambricon Chip
  • International AI System Challenge based on X86 Platform
  • International 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Challenge

Challenge Registration:
If you have registered the discussion group, just use the same account.

More details are available from the challenge manual.

BenchCouncil provides (1) BenchCouncil Testbed, including RISC-V simulator, Cambricon chip, Sugon processor, GPU, and other processors or accelerators, (2) code management system---BenchHub, you need submit the code to BenchHub, (3) communication tool---Xinxiu, we will share and update information in the discussion groups hosted on Xinxiu, (4) presentation session---on BenchCouncil International Symposium on Benchmarking, Measuring and Optimizing (Bench) (Bench 19, Nov 14-16, 2019 @ Denver, Colorado, USA, the same place, priori to SC 19).